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A Historical Mystery Novel by Casandra Chesser

A compelling historical mystery novel with romance, suspense, and all the thrills you need to finish a book in one night. 

“ Downton Abbey… combined with a gripping mystery you can't help but finish once it starts.”

“...hooked by the end of the prologue.” 

It’s 1896, and like any affluent young woman of high Boston society, Gemma Roberts is waltzing through extravagant dinner parties, seeking a courtship that suits her adoring father’s expectations. When Edward dies under mysterious circumstances, Gemma impulsively marries William Bennett, a charming sugar tycoon from Georgia whom her father denounced.

Running from her life of prestige to his family’s remote island estate, Gemma quickly experiences the taxing effects of isolation and questions her sanity when she hears scratching from within the mansion walls. Ghostly whispers call her name, and haunting visions only Gemma can see escalate to a terrifying reality of unexplained deaths among mansion residents. 

Is Stonehill Estate founded on a cursed island or built on a burial ground of dreadful family secrets? Is there a difference? 

One question alone keeps readers’ hearts racing and hands impatiently page-turning: How far will Gemma go to survive?